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Hearing her story inspires me a lot, and getting to read her book enlightened me more. It really takes strength and courage form God to be able to face one’s fear and take responsibility for one’s growth. This she challenged me in her book, “The Richer Woman”. So I’m here today to share some excerpts.

IMG_20190507_145502_9.jpgLessons Learned.

– True wealth consists of more than money. Go through life’s process and emerge as a butterfly not a moth, be beautiful; live a full life, content and purpose driven. Teach your children, people around you about Jesus. Stay true to your personality, don’t base your self worth on the artificial things, the things you don’t have, find true worth in looking inwards to the amazing things God has deposited inside you, and has done for you.”

– You can’t find love in someone or something else when you’ve not first loved yourself.

– Feed your focus, starve your distractions. Free yourself from every baggage of the past hurt, whether it’s in relationships, business, friends. Keep moving forward in that particular direction you’ve been called to.

– Never compromise the needful for the wanted; family first! Manage your budget, save before you spend! Fear prevents you from thinking straight.

– Have a clear cut out communication in marriage. Never compare your spouse or yourself with others. Pray for each other, once you sense temptation no matter how small flee, don’t strike a match when you’re not gonna use it! It all starts in the MIND!
Is it possible for God to ask you to go somewhere without showing you where?

Do It Afraid!

(This here is her mantra)

– One of the ways we learn to do things is by failing at/from it. Failure isn’t an option in God’s will everything is a process, might seem like failure but it’s not. Different fears people face: (a) Fear of trading security for the unknown – Nothing is secure in the world except God so why not stay in His will? (b) Fear of what others would say or think – don’t live your life to fulfill other people’s dreams, fear of what your loved ones would think. Live a life true to yourself! Our lack of obedience to our call to fulfill purpose, to use the gifts and talents that God has given is can lead us to hell, the gift can be taken away. (c) Fear of not being able to cope financially – tough times help people develop muscles of greatness. Care about the things of eternal value.

– Focus on the purpose not extras. Have FEAR (Future Expectation Appearing Real). When the fears won’t go away, face them and do it afraid.

– God makes a way out of temptation but it’s our choice to choose this way or not. When God shows you where He is at work, it’s an invitation to join Him.

– The devil attacks strongest when a breakthrough is near to distract us, keep fighting. According to Rick Warren “In God’s garden of Grace even a broken tree can bear fruit”.

– No matter your past, struggles or weakness God loves you regardless (Jer 31:3). Align with royalty – a man after God’s own heart. Stay true to your identity as your Father’s daughter and remain in place of purpose.

– I am who I am for a purpose – part of an intricate design.

– Like the sunflower 🌻 grow into maturity, sit and wait in God’s presence permanently fixing your eyes on Him knowing the morning will always come.

– Dream big but make sure it’s God’s dream for you.

– I am a fertile good seed, An enhancer (Co-leader who shares my hubby’s vision and works with him to accomplish what we’re both created to do. I’m an enlarger and extender making our vision become a reality). Don’t let your fears push you into making the wrong decisions.

A Richer Woman is one who is successful in her pursuit of purpose.

– Be real with your children, don’t paint the perfect picture, be open about your struggles within their level of understanding.

– Be intentional, deliberate and intuitive.

In this book she guides us in acknowledging the ministry of the Holy Spirit in directing us. “Holy Spirit, help us avoid and sense friends that know our weaknesses but want you to still dulge into it, friends that set up temptation for us to fall in.”

The wisdom in this book doesn’t just end here. She furthers talks on what she calls “The WHEEL OF LIFE”

Excerpt below:
A. Spirituality (Col 1:6)

Invest in your relationship with God:
Just like you spend so much time and resources for other things, God’s own should be greater, invest in Bible study, discipleship classes etc
– Prayer: Spend time just sitting in His presence without asking or talking but listening. Read/Confess/Pray the psalms.
Fasting: Denying your flesh and feeding your Spirit, removing all distractions to hear from God.
Spending time with God: Like going for a retreat, separate yourself like weekly go somewhere and stay with God.
Fellowship with Believers: Be active, join cell meetings,have a prayer partner, have prayer days with friends, family, etc.
Guarding My Heart: Filter what goes into your heart through your eyes, ears etc, Let the things that enter be things that edify your spirit. Read Christian books, blog posts, podcasts.
– Family & Spirituality
Carry your family along, pray that men in your family take up this role, don’t neglect family for other things.
B. Family
Make out time for all the relationships God brings your way, especially God-ordained ones. Nurture them too, I’m responsible for my family’s overall well-being.
C. Work/Career/Achievements
Work with purpose. Work is God’s idea of purpose top priority in career setting. God is not going to reward you on the titles you’ve gained but on what He has asked you to do. God gives us different assignments for different seasons. The assignments change but the vision remains the same. When it comes to purpose, God reveals the big picture but reveals the steps gradually. So we can learn to trust Him, establish a relationship and run with it so it won’t overwhelm us. When He gives you a vision write it down, it will not tarry (Habbk 2:2-3). Once you’ve discovered what you’re called to do, the key thing is develop your potential. There is a place for preparation and developing of talents.
D. Health and Well-being
Eat healthy, exercise yoga, water therapy. Goals are dreams met with deadlines and are SMART S. Specific M. Measurable, A. Achievable, R. Realistic and T. Time-bound. Pace yourself, focus on your Race. Enjoy your own company.
E. Friendship/Relationships
Don’t neglect real true female companionship. Have a dream team – (Confidant, Mentor, Buddy, Coach and a Judas)
F. Fun/Recreation/Rest
Have a Sabbath day! Have a good support network (like friends you can send your kids to, etc) have sexual awareness talks with your children, timeout with the girls. Vacations – one alone, hubby, family, friends. Sleep early and wake early.
G. Money/Finances
Have control over your finance. When you walk in work in purpose, the entire universe will conspire to work in your favor. Money flows to where value is being created. Wherever there is vision, provision will follow.
In financing your dream: what’s my value proposition? What value can I create? Successful brands outlive their founders. Use your wealth for the kingdom of God ask God what He intends for you to do with it. Tithe on gross earnings or net earnings? Imbibe good financial principles and habits – Save, Give, Invest, Budget, Payoff debts.
H. Time Management.
Things can get out of control but don’t beat yourself too much, mange it. List all my roles, and activities/responsibilities under each scheduling your time to meet each. Everything must be done in moderation.

She lists some books worth reading like:

“Understanding the power and purpose of a woman” (Myles Munroe) “How to be God’s little princess” (Sheila Walsh) “The Power of a Praying Woman, Man and Parent” (Stormie Omartian) “Experiencing God at home” (Tom et Richard Blackaby) Godfessions (Pst Goke Coker) Fight stress & live: 5 simple commitments that can save your life (Genette Howard).

Be the Richer Woman – Do It Afraid.
• Have Vision – write down God’s vision for you, and put it in a vision board.
• Change your belief system – believe what God says about you. Celebrate God’s victories in the little things.
• Believe in you and your dreams – we are all gifted and our seeds represent the seeds of greatness the King has deposited in us
• Do It Now – while you’re waiting for things to be perfect, someone else is already acting and learning from their mistakes.
• Take the first step without knowing what lies ahead – listen closely to the instructions of the Holy Spirit.
• Build A Dream Team
• Stay Motivated – Review your vision, Remove all distractions, surround yourself with same spirit people, communicate daily with God.
• Stay Grateful – have a gratitude journal 😁
• Trust The Process – Go through your process no matter how much time it seems to be taking, Use what’s meant to kill you to your advantage, focus on your seed not leaves, invest resources in your seed(purpose and vision), cut off unnecessary things in your and use your marriage to flourish, focus upwards in Jesus, growing deep roots in heaven.

In as much as this book seeks to emphasis on the female gender, there is nothing wrong with implementing it’s principles even as a man. Be open to receive what this book has to offer. It is a life changer, I cried while reading it. Kindly get it here

Chukukere Amarachi is an Artistic Nigerian Social Impact Advocate, Blogger, Communications & Media Enthusiast, Aspiring Social Entrepreneur and Trainer who promotes and believes in sustainable livelihoods for all. She seeks to inspires a global audience with her voice, business, community development projects and advocacy messages. Her Goal Building an enabling environment for great potentials to thrive. She can be really goofy and playful, is attracted to exotic dishes and locations and wouldn't mind owning a private jet, oh yeah! She's a strong believer and follower of Jesus Christ. For her people who cook, create, explore and travel have a spot in my heart ♥

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