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I am a lover of smoothies but never get to make one. Why? I’m lazy! I just dream about it but never act….. Also, I’m a bit limited with the necessary fruits and ingredients to get because of my current location and status. Well that not withstanding a smoothie is worth everything!

Smoothies are a very natural way to lose weight and stay healthy. Smoothies unlike juices retain the extras from the fruits unlike juices which just deals with the liquids. I really love green smoothies because they’re green smoothies, lol….

Popping up my Instagram page was this amazing green smoothie in a bowl and my oh my, such pop of goodness on a beautiful Saturday morning, especially on a crampy one! I thought to share so you can enjoy the view and make one for yourself.

Lizzie Wagz, the handler whose green smoothie called unto me, was kind enough to write down the preparation process…. Are you ready to have some? Will you make one for me too? 😁

Image: Lizzie Wagz on Instagram

Coconut Green Smoothie Bowl🌴

– Blend together
1 Frozen banana
1 kiwi fruit
1 green apple
1/4 cup fresh or frozen peach
1/4 cup frozen mango
1 teaspoon green spirilina powder
1/4 cup spinach
Splash of coconut water or coconut milk 🌴🍏

– Top with Coconut and Fresh slices of Kiwi fruit.

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