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Economic development seeks to improve the political, economic and social well being of a nation/its people.

Social Advancement happens when public policies are made in favour of the people, when the welfare of the people are put first.

Image: Happy Holi

It’s Workers Day today and this year’s theme focuses on “Uniting Workers for Social and Economic Advancement”

From our earlier introduction, we can see that Social and Economic advancement seeks to improve the total conditions and quality of life.

In general, it’s the people that matter, so let the people stand up and unite for that which will cause their advancement and empowerment!

How can we advance our economy?

📍By improving and maintaining the standard of living. Eg. The new minimum wage, by making resources available for SMEs to thrive, by securing health care standards, curbing corrupt practices

📍By developing new goods, products and services in our country.

📍By introducing new technologies that will work in our economy.

📍By looking inwards and solving problems with solutions that will work for Africans.

📍By formulating and implementing policies and strategies by Africans for Africans

Let’s make efficient use of our strengths as a people. When these technologies are put in place, how do we ensure that they’re maintained? In our workplaces, when structures for advancements are introduced do we see it as “one of those things” or do we “appreciate it and use it efficiently?”

It is the way we use things that they’ll last for us! If we don’t know how to use something, wisdom only requires that you learn how to use it not destroy it, because these things are put and made for our improvements!
Happy New Month
So let’s “Uniting ourselves as Workers for Social and Economic Advancement”

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