How do I make money work for me? It seems as though all I do is live from paycheck to pay mouth!

You’re not alone! Sometimes it gets all hard trying to work your finances out. The expenses keep coming in, the bills keep piling, you’ve promised yourself a getaway but the salary doesn’t just seem to be enough…. Good News!

Robert Kiyosaki Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad highlights ways in which we can make money work for us. This is actually a great step towards financial freedom.

1. Making money is important but but learning how to manage it is importanter! If there’s anything I know about finance is that understanding personal finance is key to sustaining income – the ability to ensure that my money isn’t just going out but also coming in, the ability to not just save but invest, etc. Learnt from @smartmoneyarese book and the SME Springboard Class currently ongoing organized by Stylemark ProEnterprise Hub cc @helenasimegbe “More money will not solve your financial problems because Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone,” states Kiyosaki.

2. “My people perish for lack of knowledge…. ” Honestly, this word of knowledge is a deep revelation! The moment we decide and feel that we know too much about a subject matter and we don’t need to know anymore that’s the end! We should never stop learning because with time things change. It’s always important to keep abreast with latest information concerning things that matter to us…

3. The mind, so powerful! Like #JoyceMeyer will say it all starts in the mind, the battle goes on in the mind and the ability to conquer and win gives you control… What are we training our minds on? What financial thoughts are going on in our minds? In our current financial level/state what interests is the most – investing or spending, saving or showing off?

4. The fear of failure is the beginning of failure. Thinking of testing the waters bit scared of the wind? How about just coming out from the house first and see? Talking to me also because I can be on this table. Sometimes we think we’re doing ourselves some good by avoiding some things – we stay back and assume until fear and regret sets in… We can be better.🙏🏾

5. Work for life skills oooo. This is why I’m here – to encourage us to keep developing ourselves. The best investment in life is that which we give ourselves because no knowledge acquired is lost – Ahn ahn see rhymes o, Abeg someone should sign me up in a music label! 🤣 – so yeah Personal Investment, Development and Branding is key!

Giving is also bae!

P. S. I’m not a financial expert yet, I’m just sharing. What other financial tips do you know? Comment below…


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