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How are we doing? Earlier today I was surfing through my WhatsApp groups (which is something I hardly do because groups can be quite hectic) and found something quite interesting. I read an article posted by a guy who pushed against all odds to attend a summit and is reaping the rewards of it. According to him, He attended the African Youth SDGs Summit in Ghana although not having any stipend to feed himself, he slept hungry and woke up the next day eager to attend the programme. He was neatly and fashionably dressed in his Yourba Attire representing his cultural roots as he met a young lady Oyindamola Aramide who he said changed everything for him (Honestly, when it reached this moment I thought he would talk about how they are now married, etc – do not blame me)

Now one thing that struck me about his motivational write-up was the fact that he spoke about his work in a happy manner. For him, every opportunity he meets someone is an opportunity to share about his work and goals. He didn’t just give out his cards during his networking sessions, he interacted. And guess what this introduction has done for him? An all expense paid trip to South Africa for a training.

Gentlemen and Ladies of my blog; I introduce to you Kayode Alabi – a Social Entrepreneur, Emerging Global Speaker, Educator and SDGs Youth Champion. He is the founder of Kayode Alabi Leadership and Career Initiative KLCI formerly referred to as Kayfactor Leadership and Career Academy (KLCA) – A Youth led nonprofit organization that reduces inequalities by helping undeserved young people to develop life skills and forge trajectory for their career through Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), Global Citizenship Education, Mentorship and Advocacy. The academy have engaged over 1500 Secondary School Students and 130 youths across Sub- Saharan Africa were accepted into the academy, one year online leadership and career training. Through his inspirational blog kayfactorinspires, He uses storytelling to connect people to issues that affect them and disconnection of the world. He offers coaching in leadership, sustainable development, career and public/inspirational speaking.


In this post he shared five lessons he learnt from this Motivational story which changed his life, and is also causing a thought pattern shift in mine!

Chukukere Amarachi is an Artistic Nigerian Social Impact Advocate, Blogger, Communications & Media Enthusiast, Aspiring Social Entrepreneur and Trainer who promotes and believes in sustainable livelihoods for all. She seeks to inspires a global audience with her voice, business, community development projects and advocacy messages. Her Goal Building an enabling environment for great potentials to thrive. She can be really goofy and playful, is attracted to exotic dishes and locations and wouldn't mind owning a private jet, oh yeah! She's a strong believer and follower of Jesus Christ. For her people who cook, create, explore and travel have a spot in my heart ♥

2 comments on “WHY YOU SHOULD TALK!

  1. Definitely a good read. I have done alot and love the fact when you open up to people and share stories they share stories too. Half the time you have done what they have done and felt the same way and the majority of time you are left feeling happier rather then that person did better then me .if you get what they mean. If you want it then go get it.


  2. Very true. Thanks for sharing.


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