I met these two ladies on this fateful night. One of them started a conversation with me. On a normal day, I rarely do this; like engage in random conversations with “strange” people on the roadside. Let me explain why.

#ThisIsNigeria or rather I’m from Nigeria where its the “Ember Month” Season, and growing up we were taught or told to avoid talking to strangers this period for the fear of being taken – If You Know, You Know!

Extremely angry, but not that deep as a slay queened Christ-follower concerned….

So as a sharp Igbo girl, I looked at the lady trying to have a chat with me and realized that there’s no harm in making new acquaintances even if it was just for  the night. It was 07:25pm, I worked late on this day, I had some mad deadlines to meet, that I couldn’t just procrastinate. I’ve been engulfing myself in the book “Eat Your Frog” by Brain Tracy that equates Frogs with Important Tasks, and I chose the biggest tasks of them all, very ugly ones to be precised and I just couldn’t wait to get over the taste, I wasn’t ready to wake up to such big ugly frogs on my plate the next day, I just wasn’t ready to eat such meal twice in one week….

Iwas just there like please, I wanna mind my business.

The rains had poured heavily from about 04:00pm, sometimes I wonder if it just waits until its closing hours before it begins to shower so it can keep us behind. The day before, I experienced a rare moment. Our office complex literally shook. I thought it was in my head until my colleague Oby talked about it.

“Did you feel that shift?” She said.

Damn, things just got real… You say?!

“Mahn, I thought I was the only one o jeez, I literally felt the building move….” I froze for some seconds in my thoughts wondering why that happened. Weeks back a building collapsed around my office area and a little fear gripped me but then I decided to switch to the Spirit Realm – Rattle in tongues like Mummy Dee (My Pastor’s Wife, who’s also an amazing woman of God. Abeg lemme leave this story for another day!) would say… As I was engaging in the spirit, one mind was telling me “Khia khia o, do and finish up and go home” but I was passionately engaged in what I was doing……

In my mind I felt doing a repeat of Matrix or James Bond. I just wanted to fly down the building…

“I wonder why there’s no Keke tonight” the unknown Lady asked me bringing back to the situation on ground. It was then I recalled my colleague Uche, talking about a riot that ensured between Keke (Tricycle) Drivers and VIO – ( These are law enforcement officers, shey? Because me I don’t understand their particular job description yet. There’s a lot of them these days). This fight, as the gist reach me brought about some serious fighting things, and burning of tyres. So if “they” catch you driving keke, “they” will hit your Keke with stick…

Well let’s just join, make e no be like say….

P. S. The “they” here refers to an unknown set of general keke people, the not-so-happy-ones, the ones that are more pained than the others, who feel that the VIO isn’t treating them well. So “they” won’t allow you drive yours since “they’re” not driving “theirs”, “they’d” want you to support “their” cause as a fellow Keke guy – dyu comprehend?

So Uche gave us the gist, but then I didn’t take it serous because its Uche, you know that one guy in the office that can tell stories for Africa…..

Hmm Uche Uche, the storyteller!

Now I was stuck looking for along cabs – cabs that act like buses – that would convey me to my destination. I finally saw one, thank goodness! So I called out to my “New Pals” I literally stood at the entrance of this car struggling and holding the door to avoiding anyone else from entering because of this my “New Pals”. I called out to them but they were so carried away in their gist! Women and Gist!!!! I finally screamed ” Heisss” before they turned and rushed towards me by that time it was late…..or so I thought! A young man had come instead and used his masculine power to push me out and reach out for his friend who sharply entered too leaving the back seat with only two spaces left but obviously we were 3 right? 

“Madam, we are three, I said, “We can’t go, and na we first come, this guy don chance us now”. I shifted back as I faced my “New Pals” who I saw deliberating among themselves. The next thing I heard was “Madam are you going to reach “so so and so” junction?”

Ayam not understanding. Somborry epp me out!

The driver was a woman. 

She replied yes, and off they entered leaving me looking like a JJC ( Jolly Just Come) who just arrived in Lagos for the first time. I stood there mouth wide open lost in disbelief as I just couldn’t place what happened.

Wait o! I was shocked, whats happening here. I almost reached out to say “But haba we’re together now….” but the cab sped off.

Aah! I’ve not even declared political ambition and this is happening Chai!!!

I literally struggled for this vehicle for “us” and instead of entering when I found out it was just two spaces I let it be so we can find the one that has 3 spaces so we can all go, and hopefully bond more. I felt betrayed!

Bet why? What I do!!!

But then what was I expecting. I closed my mouth and decide to try again. I stood there for about 5 more minutes before I got another one. The way I rushed eh, I pushed any and every thing trying to block me! You cannot stop my destination, you cannot!!! Its said the battle isnt for the weak, I was weak once, and beaten one but I’m definitely gonna put on the whole strength I’ve got to win this race! I must win this time, I must!

Nawa o!

Went home feeling like a victor despite it all..

I told this to my colleagues and cousins who laughed really hard. I later laughed at myself, like what happened to you that night!

It was a good laugh….

Meanwhile I really feel for this Keke Guys sometimes…. Sometimes I don’t because they can be very careless….

So hey it really got me thinking – like how far can you go for others? Especially people you’re just meeting for the first time who you know nothing about?


Amara 💜

Chukukere Amarachi is an Artistic Nigerian Social Impact Advocate, Blogger, Communications & Media Enthusiast, Aspiring Social Entrepreneur and Trainer who promotes and believes in sustainable livelihoods for all. She seeks to inspires a global audience with her voice, business, community development projects and advocacy messages. Her Goal Building an enabling environment for great potentials to thrive. She can be really goofy and playful, is attracted to exotic dishes and locations and wouldn't mind owning a private jet, oh yeah! She's a strong believer and follower of Jesus Christ. For her people who cook, create, explore and travel have a spot in my heart ♥


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