May 02, 2018 | A Story


I’m in love with a soldier and I no know who send me message!!!

I saw him from afar, and I quickly changed my steps to that of an injured warrior.
“Otondo, won’t you double up?!” he shouted as we approached him.
“I have a pain sir.”
“Oh ok” His voice became calmer and tender. “Have you visited the clinic? What happened?”
“Na you oh, soldier na you…” I sang in my head. “A minor bruise” I rep-lied
“Why not go to the clinic and rest if it hurts that much,” he suggested.
Choi, Chi’m, how sweet can it get, heaven does listens. And off to the clinic I hopped. On getting there I sighted my neighbor who’s also a nurse. I beckoned to her

“Babe, please come”

“What happened?”

“Nothing much jare” I drew her close and whispered “Please just bring aboniki and massage my leg, I just want to relax here”.

She smiled in a mischievous way and began “the treatment” while I sat lost in thoughts, day dreaming of my hunk.

“Do you feel better?” she formally asked. I looked at her with a mischievous grin and nodded.

“Where is that my Otondo friend that sold her bone to the butcher?”. Everyone giggled. I looked and saw him. Oh my, he came for me! I pretended not to bother.

He drew close “Abi did your ear bone break too?”. I smiled “No sir, just tired.”

He took my hands and supported me up as we stepped outside, as eyes followed. Oh my! And to think he handles guns with such soft palms….. I’m weak!

“You have to exercise the leg, what’s even your name?”


“You’re a platoon exco Yea, because I think I saw you during the meeting.”

“Yes sir”

“You’re even a leader, you’re meant to show strength, oya lift the leg slowly. This clinic you’re staying won’t help, except you wan dodge lectures” he said with a sarcastic look.

I put up a smile. We talked more, as I shared my experiences with him and he did his.

“Let me allow you rest o, take care!” He led me back to the clinic as my neighbor rushed out to “welcome” me. “Take care of her o”. “Okay sir” my neighbor replied.

We sat outside and she winked at me. “Mtchew, abeg lemme jare” as I turned my face and blushed deeply.

Finally the SAED lectures were over for the day and as I approached the hall I saw Ify.

“Where were you?  Didn’t sight you at all during the lectures, this madam.” she inquired.

“Abeg I went to the clinic to chill a bit”, I sighed. I couldn’t tell her the recent developments going on inside me, she would taunt me for the rest of my life and I wasn’t ready.  “Let’s go and eat Mama Ejima’s jollof” I quickly changed the subject.

And that day was the beginning of every other day….

I’m in love with a soldier, and I no know who send me message o!!!
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Chukukere Amarachi is an Artistic Nigerian Social Impact Advocate, Blogger, Communications & Media Enthusiast, Aspiring Social Entrepreneur and Trainer who promotes and believes in sustainable livelihoods for all. She seeks to inspires a global audience with her voice, business, community development projects and advocacy messages. Her Goal Building an enabling environment for great potentials to thrive. She can be really goofy and playful, is attracted to exotic dishes and locations and wouldn't mind owning a private jet, oh yeah! She's a strong believer and follower of Jesus Christ. For her people who cook, create, explore and travel have a spot in my heart ♥

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