I am a rare advocate of fairness.

I really do not like seeing people being discriminated, owing to the fact that their present condition makes them vulnerability.

And I do not like being in such instances.

But I was, and I have been.

Today is World Health Day and this concentration this year is on Health For All, not just for senators or Governors, or rich and influential people in the society  but for the ones that have been tagged “less privileged” etc.

The other day, i really needed to use the Hospital so i started out on this epic journey with my colleague Oby, we got to the Hospital amidst the unavailability of our cards called our HMO and finally got through.

After much stress and movement from one hospital to another, we couldn’t get the service we wanted due to the high price attached to it. Our HMO wasn’t too nice and it got me wondering?



I really prepared to write something about HMOs and their annoying way of rendering services; I still will later….

I remember growing up and hating the NHIS platform because of the way a dentist almost destroyed my gum owing to the fact I was using the NHIS platform to extract the tooth, it was a painful annoying moment, there and then I promised my self I’m gonna make it in life and that God helping me sickness is a NO NO for me, but then what about others…..

Firstly, I want to celebrate every medical person in the world; nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, phycologists, neurosurgeons, dentist, med-lab scientists, optometrists, pediatricians, scientists, medical researchers coming up with different cures and solutions for diseases, care givers, even the cahiers, cleaners, gatemen that work in hospitals; you guys do a great deal of work.

More especially my sister Chidimma Chukukere you know how because there’s someone in the medical line in the family that gives you a license to call even at odd hours with weird situations – Missus, my big toe is paining me, Missus there’s this pain near my ear, Missus my waist, this or that, and you’re sure of getting one kind of recommendation or the other!

Secondly, my doc friend Ehimwenma Evbuomwan reminded me that Health is a responsibility for all; and owing to the fact that I witnessed a raw example of that last night, I mist say we owe ourselves this culture of living right, emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally etc. No doctor can live a good hygiene life for you, only you can. No dietician can live a healthy diet life for you , only you can. You may say it takes money to live healthy, not necessarily true because there are simple healthy methods you can live on.

Thirdly, to all the HMOs and Health Insurance Schemes in Nigeria I say well-done o! This year’s theme is focusing on Universal Health Coverage for everyone, everywhere. It is also saying Access to Health Care for All (rich, semi rich or poor). So when you have a client under the classic or basic health plan calling you to make enquiries on vital health issues please treat then same as you treat the one L’s calling you from the premium care plan, after all it’s still their money that’s involved. When a poor sickly person walks into the clinic don’t treat with disgust than the rich person, or don’t attend to the rich person first and forsake the poor, except in cases of emergencies!

EVERYONE, EVERY SINGLE PERSON deserves the RIGHT to be given equal medical attention.

Just within 3 hours of being in the hospital I witnessed, one accident victim, a four day old baby in critical condition, different conditions that needed observations and a very funny friendly hungry doctor waiting for 10 O’Clock to reach so that he can eat his food!

Live Healthy!
Happy World Health Day!

P.S. I initially didn’t want to wish all those working in these HMOs Happy World Health Day.


My point is, stop the discrimination!  Really, just stop it. Especially those working in these HMOs and Health Insurance Schemes.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.. (2)

 A big shout out to everyone in the medical field, you all are awesome.

Chukukere Amarachi is an Artistic Nigerian Social Impact Advocate, Blogger, Communications & Media Enthusiast, Aspiring Social Entrepreneur and Trainer who promotes and believes in sustainable livelihoods for all. She seeks to inspires a global audience with her voice, business, community development projects and advocacy messages. Her Goal Building an enabling environment for great potentials to thrive. She can be really goofy and playful, is attracted to exotic dishes and locations and wouldn't mind owning a private jet, oh yeah! She's a strong believer and follower of Jesus Christ. For her people who cook, create, explore and travel have a spot in my heart ♥

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