Save, then you spend!

Prov 21:20

Have you ladies heard?

Nimi again, with her office tatafo. Well who doesn’t love an informant, abi a whistle blower, as long as better gist to keep someone updated full ground, baby fire dey go o! 

“Story story, big better story”, Nimi added

“I hope it’s worth it this time,” I said. The last gist was totally off.

“What o, what’s up!” Sonia inquired as she pulled her chair closely. Nimi sat in the middle chair.

“Hmmm, have you heard that Omolola is getting married?” Sonia and I looked a bit confused. “Which omolola?” I asked. “Omolola na, in HR, the small fair lady that’s all prim and proper with her British things. Well I actually heard she schooled in England”. 

“I don’t know her o” Sonia said, “but you’ll definitely know na since you’re an antenna.”

Sonia and I laughed hard!

“Well, that’s your business! Anyways the madam is getting married, and she hooked a rich bobo! I heard the wedding is gonna be lit!” Nimi said. 

Now that’s the juicy part, no wonder Nimi is so interested, her love for rich guys is alarming.

“Ehen so, what’s the gist?” I said uninterested. 

“Mtchew see this one o, so that she’s marrying a rich guy isn’t big news enough, man you don’t have, the one that wants you you don’t want, and you’re saying what’s the gist, shuo! Well she’s selling asoebi and if you see it, very glamorous o, the stones on it I heard are real diamonds, besides the aso oke na die, babes we gats get this asoebi o so we can slay at the wedding, who knows maybe our own rich bobo go dey there notice us. See,” she said showing us her phone, “I’m already on IG, looking for slaying styles”

85k asoebi?! 

SMH for Nimi. 
“What’s the colour and how much is it?” Sonia asked. 

“Teal green and champagne gold. It’s just 70k for the lace and 15k for the gele”.

“Ehn, you say!” I screamed!

“Bring down your voice na,” Nimi said

“Hmm…. Nimi 70k, it’s even 85k, in these times! Please remind me again who is Omolola? Because I don’t even know the Omo not to talk of Lola!” 

“Babes see we can buy it in advance, shebi she’s in HR ehen, we can suggest for a deduction from our next month salary na, babes people in the office would be buying o, we can’t be different ni, plus don’t you want to “pepper dem gang” and appear in the office picture, let them not think na our own worse pass after all everybody dey the recession, haba now!

“Hei Sonia, shey you dey hear this madam? No be only pepper dem gang, atarodo abi tatashe crew nkor?”

“Hahahaha, Mtchew can’t you see how I’m looking at her, it’s so expensive but the idea isn’t that bad o!”

What! Are they even thinking! Just last week I toasted to a debt free life and these ladies are trying to lure me into another. No! This was the same thing my mum did when her distant cousin was wedding.

“Nne nne” she said, “You’d look odd o, besides don’t allow them think we’re poor, or we don’t have what it takes to buy it, they might think we have something bad against them, just buy it.”

“But mummy, I don’t even know this person, and e ji m ego ( I don’t have money) for now, you know how costly sewing can be.”

“Ehn oya borrow from someone, you’d pay back small small”. That was one bad decision I made and vowed never to again.

“Well, I have a teal green dress that would do.”

But it would be different and look somehow, besides….. 

I’m not gonna listen this time! 

“Nimi please, don’t start! I said interrupting her, “First of all, how has Tola affected your life? You barely know her, your presence at her wedding makes little or no difference. How many asoebi dresses do you end up wearing after the wedding day! All for what cause? To “tatashe dem crew“! Besides have you paid up your debts? 

“I’ll definitely pay na, don’t bring it inside this matter.”

“When? Sorry I would because you’re procrastinating, hoping and expecting money will fall from heaven, and when it does without the right saving attitude you’d be worse. With this kinda spending habit you’d end up broken! Nimi, please be sincere to your pocket! Did you not hear what Arese said?

“You’ve started again with this your Arese talk again” Sonia said. 

“But it’s the truth” I said “Now let’s ask ourselves this honest question. Am I modeling an effective expense management approach in my own life or is everything going out the door? 

Also according to Rick Warren – Divide up your income into three boxes: one for spending, one for tithing, and one for savings ( I’d say four: Spending, Tithing/Offerings, Giving, Savings). Regardless of how little your income is, you need to learn to live on a margin.  You need to live on less than you make so you can put away some to save. God says that’s being responsible.

“Look ladies”, I continued “I won’t be part of this!”
Sonia look undecided as Nimi left us unhappy. 

The wedding came and my darling friends didn’t slay on the asoebi but they slayed regardless. “Ahn ahn, Miss slay queen”, I teased Nimi, what happened you didn’t buy asoebi again?”

“Leave me o, besides who Lola epp!”

We all laughed, drank and ate! 


Enough said –

I’m praying for a financial miracle in my life. I am so in debt and I’m praying for a financial miracle.” I want to say, “Did you get in debt supernaturally?” The truth is no. You worked hard at it. You didn’t use your money wisely. 

Why should God just bail us out, Did we get into debt supernaturally? If God just instantly bailed us out of your financial crisis, then tomorrow we’d go out and overspend again. We wouldn’t learn discipline, or money management, or wisdom, or persistence. God is not just going to bail anyone out of the debt he got himself into. He will help us get out of debt, but He also wants to build our character. 

Chukukere Amarachi is an Artistic Nigerian Social Impact Advocate, Blogger, Communications & Media Enthusiast, Aspiring Social Entrepreneur and Trainer who promotes and believes in sustainable livelihoods for all. She seeks to inspires a global audience with her voice, business, community development projects and advocacy messages. Her Goal Building an enabling environment for great potentials to thrive. She can be really goofy and playful, is attracted to exotic dishes and locations and wouldn't mind owning a private jet, oh yeah! She's a strong believer and follower of Jesus Christ. For her people who cook, create, explore and travel have a spot in my heart ♥


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