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Feb 24, 2018 | A Foodstyle


The cucumber fruit is an easy-to-eat refreshing fruity-veggie I love so much. It has a lot of benefits amongst which are aiding weight loss and keeping one hydrated. I researched online and found some other nutritional benefits of cucumber.

Here is a short list of the health benefits of cucumber:

1) Hydration. If you are too busy to drink enough water, munch on the cool cucumber, which is 96 percent water. It will cheerfully compensate especially during this hot weather.


2)Skin. Cucumbers help to fight both inside and outside heat. Eat cucumber, and your body gets relief from heartburn. It also supplies skin friendly minerals: magnesium, potassium and silicon. That’s why cucumber-based treatments abound in spas. Apply cucumber on your skin, and you get relief from sunburn


3)Detox.  It helps to flush out toxins in our body. Adding it with water increases water consumption. All that water in cucumber acts as a virtual broom, sweeping waste products out of your system. With regular use, cucumber is known to dissolve kidney stones. I use it for my daily detox, and it’s quite refreshing.


4) Lavishes you with vitamins. A B and C, which boost immunity, give you energy, and keep you radiant. Give it more power by juicing cucumber with carrot and spinach.


5) Aids in weight loss. I enjoy cucumbers in salads and soups. I can say it’s my favorite to-go snack. I eat cucumbers as part of my weight loss therapy meals, and it’s been helpful fills me up with no fatty content.


6) Revives the eyes.  During an eye seminar, I was told that placing chilled slices of cucumber on the eyes relaxes them and that it helps reduce under eye bags and puffiness.


7) Refreshes the mouth. Cucumber juice refreshes and heals diseased gums, leaving your mouth smelling good. You really don’t wanna have a bad breath in there.


8) Helps digestion. Chewing cucumber gives the jaws a good workout, and the fiber in it is great for digestion. It can be eaten 20mins after food.

Research has shown that cucumbers also reduces cholesterol, smooths the hair and nails, stabilizes blood pressure, cuts down cancer, good for diabetic patients amongst other healthy benefits. So what are you waiting for, get yourself a cucumber and eat healthy.


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Chukukere Amarachi is an Artistic Nigerian Social Impact Advocate, Blogger, Communications & Media Enthusiast, Aspiring Social Entrepreneur and Trainer who promotes and believes in sustainable livelihoods for all. She seeks to inspires a global audience with her voice, business, community development projects and advocacy messages. Her Goal Building an enabling environment for great potentials to thrive. She can be really goofy and playful, is attracted to exotic dishes and locations and wouldn't mind owning a private jet, oh yeah! She's a strong believer and follower of Jesus Christ. For her people who cook, create, explore and travel have a spot in my heart ♥


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