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Feb 20, 2018 | A Call To Action

“LOVE is our true destiny. We do not find the true meaning of Life by ourselves alone….We find it with another”.

These words from Thomas Merton ring loudly in our ears this beautiful Valentine’s Day morning as we reflect on how love affects food security in Nigeria.

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” A lan D. Wolfelt

Food Security is when people have reliable access to sufficient, affordable, nutritious food to support a healthy life. It can also be seen as a structured maintenance of a healthy sustainable food system which focuses on local seasonal foods, health of the population, building communities, local economic development and supporting local producers, processors, distributors ad retailers. All these processes need to be maintained and controlled to ensure the equal and easy distribution of food across a given population to avoid hunger and starvation.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf

St. Valentine whose day is celebrated today promoted love as a way of livelihood. Now you may ask, How does love fit into all this?

No matter how you slice and dice it, food and love are inextricably tied. Love is Life, and Food nourishes life. When you eat and waste food it doesn’t show love. How about the local farmers that produce what we eat, what we buy in the market? Do you know that there are low incentives for these farmers to keep producing? Yes, you can afford 5 meals and more in a day, you can eat luxurious meals at exquisite hotels but how about those that can’t?

There is always the issues of “How can i help?” and “I am also in dire need of help”. When you lend your voice to support thees local farmers, you are helping. Supporting advocacy campaigns, free distribution of food, curbing food wastage are ways of contributing towards food security.

An organization FBIN, works extensively towards eliminating food security through the YFarm Project – this brainchild adopts a two-pronged approach of promoting youth-led farms and highlighting the benefits of farming for sustainable livelihoods and youth development. Through this project we promote a youth-led agribusiness society, reduce poverty and increase active youth participation in sustainable agriculture by 2020. This project has been running since April 2nd, 2014.

I am a part of the Global #United4Food Campaign. You can endorse the petition now as a way of showing support.


Chukukere Amarachi is an Artistic Nigerian Social Impact Advocate, Blogger, Communications & Media Enthusiast, Aspiring Social Entrepreneur and Trainer who promotes and believes in sustainable livelihoods for all. She seeks to inspires a global audience with her voice, business, community development projects and advocacy messages. Her Goal Building an enabling environment for great potentials to thrive. She can be really goofy and playful, is attracted to exotic dishes and locations and wouldn't mind owning a private jet, oh yeah! She's a strong believer and follower of Jesus Christ. For her people who cook, create, explore and travel have a spot in my heart ♥


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