Maintaining a healthy wardrobe/closet

Unhappy with the state of your wardrobe/closet, welcome.

Hello guys.

It’s been a wonderful week, so far, and I’m so excited. How have you been? Hoolzom right?

Well I’m a fan of designs, o yes! I love designs in creative forms so I switched or rather took a path in decor, home decor to be precised, o well, “charity begins at home”. Whenever I enter a house, office etc in my mind I’m thinking about how I can redesign that space. My family members especially my mom and sister are fed up, I guess, because this week I can change the plate rack to the right and the other week it’s at the left side, he he he, my good! So I thought it would be great to to enlighten you guys as to how you can keep your homes neat and organized. Also I’d be sharing how you can maintain such lifestyle, because it’s one thing to do it today, it’s another to keep doing it. I to narrowed it down to the room.

Your room is your private space and what you do with it tells a lot about you. The state of your room tells a lot about your personality. So I’ve decided to talk about a more private space in the room which is the wardrobe/closet.  I can hear someone say “don’t go there” (sorry I will). Having a neat and organized wardrobe/closet is a sure way to having an organized space.


I grouped the process into two categories.The Disorganizing and Organizing sections.



To get an organized space you must disorganize.


Clear out your wardrobe/closet 

This will help you get started. You can get a piece of cloth lay it on your bed and unleash the contents of your wardrobe/closet there. At this point the closet is empty and it makes you feel like “ah, I have more space for some shopping,lol”



Clean it up 

Once you’re done clearing, it’s time for some cleaning. Check for dirt particles, cobwebs etc and sweep or vacuum. Then get a piece of soft cloth and deep it inside water mixed with cleaning liquid, squeeze until damp then clean. Be sure to touch the edges. When you’re done with the cleaning you can spray a sweet fragrance for a nice smell. This can be tedious but trust me you’ll love it at the end. This is also the time to clean your bags and shoes too, clear out any unwanted stuffs you’ve accumulated in your bags, and also sand that found it’s way beneath your shoes. If you want to repaint I’d suggest you do so a day before to enable the paint dry properly.


Sort through your clothing items.

This is the part I love most. It’s time to sit down with the contents of your wardrobe/closet and communicate with them. Separate the tops, jeans, suits, skirts, bags, gowns, foot wears etc. Then

a) decide which items you’re going to keep. This can be regular clothes like work or casual ones.

b) decide which items to store. This part can be very tricky because sometimes we feel we have need for a particular dress or shoe but in the long run we have less need for it. Items here may include seasonal clothes, or dinner gowns etc. Generally items you don’t use often use can be stored e.g bedsheets, duvets, towels, etc.

c) decide which items to donate. This is the point where I’d say that if you’ve not worn or used any clothing item since you got it for at least 8months or lemme say a year there’s a possibility you’ll never use it. Kindly donate it. Clothes that are too tight or small you’re waiting for the day it will enter you (like me wishing for the day you’ll lose weight) nne’m dash it to someone today. This gives you more space. For me I love the “smell of space”

P. S. Before you donate it, check for worn-out, faded or torn clothes because it won’t be proper to donate stuffs you know aren’t worthy. Discard them. There’s no need to attach any emotional or sentimental value to them. Clothes ready for donation can be kept neatly in a bag or box inside the closet (i.e after arranging if there’s space) or in a corner of the room. You can also put up some clothes for sale.




By now the wardrobe/closet is empty, clean and smells good. It’s time to put everything back in.

Hang your clothes

Try and hang as many as possible. While hanging you can organize them accordingly maybe seasonal, type (work, casual etc) It can be with different colorful hangers to differentiate the types etc. Hanging clothes serves as a reminder, it helps me calculate my stock and gives me a record of what’s available




Store up the others.

Sometimes after hanging up the necessary clothes, there are leftovers. Fold neatly and store them up in the other parts of the wardrobe/closet. I try to store up my regular clothes in front and every others behind. If the wardrobe/closet isn’t big enough you can use plastic bins, or bags to store them. Stuffs here can also include sweaters, towels, bedsheets, duvets, ankara clothing etc.


Organize your foot wears

Shoes can consume a lot of space; so once you’ve decided which shoes to keep arrange them properly. I put the frequent ones (like slippers, sandals, flat shoes in front) then the heels behind. Well you can organize by;
a) type
b) how often you wear them,
c) using a shoe rack. If your wardrobe/closet is big enough to contain a shoe rack inside it, good, if not try hanging it on the wardrobe/closet door (i.e if it’s an open and close door ) if not in a corner of the room. Another way I arrange my footies is by placing them on each other (if the back of the first shoe is on the floor, I place the surface of the next shoe on it) I do it for sandals and flat shoes say 2 or 3.
d) you can also use a shoe space saver.



Organize your bags

This has the same routine as for shoes. It’s advisable to use a bag cover when keeping or storing your bags to avoid dust. The darker colors can stay in front while the lighter colors behind.


Organize every other item and part of your wardrobe/closet

By now you’re happy with what you’re seeing but not fully satisfied that’s because there are still leftovers ( books, pictures, cds, jewelries, makeup, etc). Sort them too, the ones that need to go, should! The ones that are really needed, for the books, can be kept on the bookshelf or stored in boxes, cartons or bags and kept inside the wardrobe/closet.


If the wardrobe/closet is full consider putting it beneath the bed, same goes for the pictures (the necessary ones can be placed in a lovely way inside the wardrobe or on a table or the wall). Your jewelries should be put in a box or container and placed properly in a corner of the wardrobe/closet. Make it attractive like lining up your jewelries in front etc. Same goes for your makeup. It’s best to have a make up bag. If your closet is big enough you can partition a place for each jewelry/makeup item.





When arranging your clothes inside your wardrobe/closet remember to create partitions where other items can be placed. Whatever isn’t meant to be in your closet shouldn’t be e.g half bitten apple, bowl of ice cream etc. For other items like a mini-sewing kit, hair products, cosmetics etc it’s the same way, organize them neatly, these can come after your jewelries. You can introduce the use of sweet fragrance like camphor for your clothes and also inside the storage boxes/bags/cartons. Don’t forget to label the boxes/bags/cartons appropriately so you can identify them when needful. Check up on your wardrobe/closet weekly, I know there’s a lot to do, but put in that effort.



6) You’re finished and don’t forget to maintain a healthy habit of organizing your wardrobe/closet. I will come and check oooo.

You see organizing your wardrobe/closet isn’t as stressful as you think it is. Well, these are just a few tips you can share yours too….

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Chukukere Amarachi is an Artistic Nigerian Social Impact Advocate, Blogger, Communications & Media Enthusiast, Aspiring Social Entrepreneur and Trainer who promotes and believes in sustainable livelihoods for all. She seeks to inspires a global audience with her voice, business, community development projects and advocacy messages. Her Goal Building an enabling environment for great potentials to thrive. She can be really goofy and playful, is attracted to exotic dishes and locations and wouldn't mind owning a private jet, oh yeah! She's a strong believer and follower of Jesus Christ. For her people who cook, create, explore and travel have a spot in my heart ♥

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